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Bulgarian International Dance Festival

The Bulgarian international Dance Festival is taking place in Sofia. It is a celebration of Bulgarian and international dancers and choreographers. Rewarding the great masters and giving space to young dancers. The Show/Competition will see professionals and pre-professionals on stage in a climate of exchange and growth. The best dancer will have the opportunity to […]

Tirana Dance Festival – Albania

Antonio Fini, together with Tirana Youth Ballet directed by Andrea Kokeri and the Albanian International Dance Accademy of Mimoza Bekteshi, is pleased to present  Tirana Dance Festival. The festival took place in the Albanian capital,Tirana, from November 2nd to the 4th 2017 the Festival started with intense dance lessons: modern dance, held by Antonio Fini, […]

Italian International Dance Award – New York

Italian International Award is a celebration of Italian and interantional artists. Taking place in  New York, companies from Italy and from New York  perform in a spirit of exchange and collaboration. Honorees from the past include LUIGI, Elena Albano, Edward Villella, Alessandra Corona, Alessandra Ferri, Petra Conti and Juqulyn Buglisi. On August 31st, 2017 Fini […]

Fini Dance Summer School – Italy / New York

Fini Dance Summer school is a professional summer dance intensive that takes place in Italy at the end of July and in New York at the end of August. For more information please visit Fini Dance Festival website  


ALTO JONIO DANCE AWARD took place in the frame of the beautiful Villapiana Lido in Calabria. The festival Award started in 2011 from the desire of Antonio Fini to bring international dance in his home place with the collaboration of the City Hall of Villapiana Mayor Roberto Rizzuto. The festival evolved in a Showcase and […]