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Sara Scarella

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Gianni Santucci

  Gianni Santucci Choreographer and stage director Gianni Santucci studied classical dance in Arezzo, Italy (with Giovanna Papi), in Rome (with Michelle Ellis and Hélene Diolot), and in New York (with David Howard and Lisa Danias). He studied modern dance styles both in New York (with Michael Owens, Michelle Assaf and Rick Atwell) and in […]

Michael Mao

MICHAEL MAO-WEST, Choreographer/Director/Coach is known for decades of making “exciting” and “exquiste” works which allow for “spendid” and “brillaint” dancing on stage. Dancers inspire him to derive movements which are “beautiful,” and “dazzling.” American trained and internationally minded, Michael’s vision of dance is “bold” and “passionate,” culminating in dances which have been hailed as “provocative, […]