Fini Production is a new American production company based in New York City, born in 2015 with the mission of producing dance in many different aspect with a special focus in festivals, documentaries, films and TV Shows. Directed by Antonio Fini former principal dancer with Michael Mao Dance. Founder Artistic Director of Fini Dance Festival, the Italian International Dance Award in New York City and Gust Judge for dancing with the Stars Italy. He is a special guest with Erick Hawkins dance company and he has been guest artist for Kosovo Ballet, Staten Island Ballet, Boca Ballet Theater, Mare Nostrum Elements and the Martha Graham Dance Company. As choreographer he created works for the National Ballet of Kosovo, the Players of the Square, for the New York City Opera at Rose Theater at Lincoln Center and for Alto Jonio Dance Festival. His work appeared also the Tirana Dance Festival, Albania; Bulgarian international Dance Festival, Sofia. Dzul International Dance Festival in Campeche, Mexico. Antonio Fini was born in Calabria, south of Italy and studied in Milan at the Centro Studi coreografici teatro Carcano di Milano under the direction of Aldo Masella and graduated in 2006 under Margherita Smirnova.