Michael Mao

MICHAEL MAO-WEST, Choreographer/Director/Coach
is known for decades of making “exciting” and “exquiste” works which allow for “spendid” and “brillaint” dancing on stage. Dancers inspire him to derive movements which are “beautiful,” and “dazzling.” American trained and internationally minded, Michael’s vision of dance is “bold” and “passionate,” culminating in dances which have been hailed as “provocative, compelling,” and “Sublime.” *

From his over 60 dance works Michael has selected 15 for resetting on companies for the coming 3 years. Based in New York and Mexico, he travels worldwide teaching, and devising dancer training as well as outreach projects to advance ballet or modern dance companies in their quest for excellence and accessibility.

Available for teaching, coaching, choreographing, resetting repertory, or designing projects.

STILL NIGHT music by Arvo Pärt; for six men and six women; Running time 25 minutes

aka Timbuktu music by Mauricio Kagel; for six men and five women: Runnning time 23 minutes

VERDI REQUIEM music by Giuseppi Verdi for six men and six women; Running time 45 minutes
PUCCINI MASS music by Giacomo Puccini for six men and six women; Running time 46 minutes

SONG OF THE EARTH Das Abschied music by Gustav Mahler as orchestrated by Schönberg-Riehn; for six men and six women plus one tall dancer Running time 30 minutes
(seeking commission for the full work)

LORCA LIBRE set to verses by Federico Garcia Lorca as sung by Deep Song singers; 3 men 3 women; Running time 24 minutes

DSCH 1994 set to String Quartet #8 by Dmitri Shostakovich, dubbed his Holocaust Quartet for 7 men and 6 women running time.

SONG OF HELENA  set to second movement of Symphony of Sorrowful Songs by Henryk Gorecki for 10 women running time 10 minutes

MOONLIGHT SONATA music by LV Beethoven for six men and six women; running time 17 minutes

CANCION music by Javier Alvarez for two dancers running time 8 minutes

WEAVING music by Leonard Ito Kodo 2 men 2 women running time 11 minutes

CROSSINGS music by Leonard Ito Kodo 12 dancers running time 4 minutes
(seeking commission for new Leonard Ito Kodo 7 minutes)

CHINA-MOVES: Shifting Shades, Written on The Wind, To The Four Corners.                  SHIFTING SHADES music by Huang Ruo for 4 men and 4 men Running time 18 minutes
WRITTEN ON THE WIND music by Huang Ruo for 1 man 2 women running time 12 minutes
TO THE FOUR CORNERS  (seeking commission for to complete 55 minute CHINA-MOVES)

OCTET music by Felix Mendelssohn for 6 men and 6 women Running time 28 minutes

KINDERSPIEL music by Felix Mendelssohn for 5 men and 6 women Running time 10 minutes



*www.Michaelmaodance.org for more detailed images and footage of these and other works, as well as detailed biography and international press quotes.